A technician applying a ceramic coating near Toronto

Ceramic Coating Near Toronto

Ceramic coating can protect the exterior of your vehicle against the harsh winter of Canada. It is a product of the Nano composition of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02) which is sourced from natural materials such as quartz and sand.

This clear, liquid Nano-ceramic coating creates an additional hydrophobic layer and protects surfaces against degradation while preserving the results of a perfect paint correction. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable, yet flexible glass shield. The ceramic coating could be up to five times harder than your car’s factory coat.

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Graphene-infused is a cutting-edge Nano product of ceramic coating for paint surfaces.
There are many benefits of graphene in automotive applications and relative strengths compared to ceramic coatings. Here are a few:
*Better Hydrophobic Effect (more beading)
*Anti-Static (✌️dust)
*Highly Flexible (less susceptible to cracking or chipping)
*Unsurpassed Durability (5-10 years!)

Our hot graphene package is on sale now; get it while it lasts. The package covers two layers of 10H graphene-infused and one enhancer layer. We do comprehensive preparation before coating and all of our packages include these preparation processes:
1-Full Exterior Detail
2-Clay Bar
3-Iron Removal
4-Single Stage Paint Correction
5-Alcohol Wash
6-Process for Coating

We are offering ceramic coating with warranty life as listed here (H stands for hardness):

  • 8H Ceramic package for two-year warranty starting $499
  • 9H Ceramic package for three-year warranty starting $599
  • 10H Graphene package for five-year warranty starting $899

At GT Auto Styling, we only make use of top industry-leading brands such as IGL, Feynlab, and XPel Ceramic Coatings in order to ensure premium quality application and optimal results. We’re one of the leading ceramic coating providers that actively service vehicles from all Toronto GTA cities like Richmondhill, Markham, Vaughn, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Ajax Milton, Oakville, and Burlington.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating can be applied to the interior of your vehicle to protect it against color fading and degradation, making it much easier to clean the stain from upholstery or leather. When the ceramic coating is applied to your leather, upholstery, or plastic interior, it repels the liquids spilled, and it rolls off without staining the material. After the ceramic coating application, the material retains its natural feel with a shiny look. It is an excellent option for those who travel with pets or kids in the car often. The interior package includes complimentary detailing.

With interior, window, and wheel options, you'll have a glass-like finish all over! This can be added to any package.

Marine Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coating, longer protection for your boat is guaranteed as well as a glossy finish. It’s much more effective rather than wax or sealant. IGL Eco coat Marine is a REACH compliant anti-fouling ceramic coating developed specifically for high UV, salt, and water immersion resistance. Synthesized using nanotechnology, it adheres and crosslinks strongly onto gelcoat, polyurethane, and acrylic paint.

Application of the coating can be applied to the area above or below the waterline. It’s recommended to be applied on all marine applications such as vessels and aquatic structures such as piers.